General Questions

What is LoveNE?

LoveNE started back in 2014 as a website/blog promoting North East businesses, events and news. Recently we have completely revamped the website to include the North East Business Directory, giving us a much better platform for promoting North East businesses.

How do I get my business listed?

Very simply, head over to our registration page. Register for an account, once you have your password you can log in and create your business page. If you have any problems or would like some help then please email [email protected]

Business Listing Support

Somebody has posted a false review about my business on our listing page, how can we get it removed?

At LoveNE we take the accuracy and validity of customer reviews very seriously, whether they be positive or negative. If you feel someone has left a false review on your page please email [email protected] with the details and they will look into it. We will contact the reviewer in an attempt to validate the review. If we are not satisfied or receive no response then the review will be removed. We DO NOT remove reviews just because they are negative. If a negative review is checked out and we are happy that it is from a genuine customer then we will not remove it.

How do I remove my business from LoveNE?

If you wish to remove your business from our directory email [email protected] with your business name and the link to your directory page. Note that if you email from a different email address than the one you created the listing with we may need to take extra steps before removing the business.

I have tried to add my business but the page that has published is an old page with old reviews?

In order to stop people removing their business and starting a new listing to get away from poor reviews any business listing that is removed is still stored in our database, just not visible on the site. You are seeing an old page because the business has already been included in our directory and removed. By re-registering you have re-activated the old page. If you think this is incorrect then please email [email protected]

I put a link to my website in my page description but when it published it was gone?

If you have a free listing you cannot have a link to your website on your directory page. To add links and other features you will need to upgrade to a paid listing, please contact [email protected].

Can a business opt out of having reviews posted?

Yes. A business may request that their listing be prevented from receiving reviews. Please email [email protected] with your listing details and we will endeavour to fulfil this request. We would, however suggest doing this only as a last resort. Reviews have been set up to benefit both customers and businesses. Reviews are a great way of obtaining customer feedback and attracting more business through positive word of mouth as well as a great way of standing out from the competition within the directory. Any business that opts out will have "This business has opted to not receive customer reviews" in place of the reviews section on the listing.

My business is already listed but I didn't list it, how can I change the details?

If your business is already in the LoveNE database but nobody at your company made the listing then it is likely that either your business was chosen as an initial listing when the site was being built or somebody else has listed your business for you. To claim your listing you will need to email [email protected] with the URL of the listing as well as your credentials (i.e. your name and status within the company). We will then verify the details before giving you ownership of the listing. Ideally you should contact us using your business email address rather than a free email provider such as hotmail or gmail.

User Reviews

I have previously posted a review but I would now like to remove it from LoveNE, can I do this?

Certainly, contact [email protected] with the following details and we will remove the review.

  • Your name.
  • The business that you reviewed.
  • Note that the email you contact us with must match the email the review was submitted with otherwise we will not be able to remove the review.

How do I get a verified badge next to my review?

There are a few ways to have your review marked as "Verified". They are:

  • Upload a photo with your review which proves you were a customer of this company. You can let us know that the photo is not to be shown by mentioning it in your review box and we will review the proof and remove the photo before the review goes live.
  • If you have already posted the review you can contact [email protected] with proof and we will add the Verified badge to your review.
  • If the business in question confirms your review as genuine.