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Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Newcastle

Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Newcastle

Last year we ran a public vote for the best vegetarian restaurants in Newcastle. The subsequent post, which can be found here, turned out to be very popular and we have had numerous requests for another vote. During the last couple of months we once again held a public vote and we can now reveal the LoveNE top vegetarian restaurants in Newcastle.

It is important to note that all of the restaurants in our poll are vegetarian friendly, some are not strictly vegetarian only but offer fantastic options for veggies and vegans. If you are looking for a vegetarian friendly restaurant in Newcastle then please give these a try and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

The 2016 LoveNE Best Vegetarian Restaurants Newcastle

The best vegan and vegetarian restaurants Newcastle has to offer, according to our poll were:

1. The Bohemian

The Bohemian Newcastle
The Bohemian was opened in August 2015 and is a vegetarian restaurant, bar and and vinyl record shop.

The Bohemian offers daily light lunch, tapas, cocktails, and evening meals. The majority of the menu is vegan friendly.

Below is a small selection of the comments from voters of our winners The Bohemian:

I love this restaurant as there is always a great vibe whenever I visit. The staff are all lovely and are very knowledgeable about what they do, it’s wheelchair friendly with an accessible toilet which is a must have due to my partner being disabled. Then there is the beautiful food; there truly is something for everyone here, even if some of the other places are trying to imitate their menu, bohemian always gets top marks from me and all my friends. I have visited all the veggie places on this list and The Bohemian blows them all out of the water.

It’s not your run of the mill veggie restaurant. It’s something so much more exciting! The menu is more vegan than vegetarian which a lot of vegetarian places fall short of. The owners are willing to talk to anyone and everyone about the place and you can tell from the way they speak they have poured everything into making it a success. The food is fantastically cooked using some of the lesser known vegan food items that help push the boundaries of vegan/veggie food! Absolute gem and definitely a deserving winner!

The Bohemian is cool! The Bohemian is a friendly place with great music (usually…) and staff that work hard for you to enjoy your time with them. I think that, from the Tom Collins cocktail to the black bean and walnut burger to the vegan cakes, The Bohemian can’t be beaten. I have been to this restaurant with my boyfriend, my friends, my mum, and by myself and I always leave feeling warm and happy.

Went to this restaurant with my vegetarian daughter and I cannot normally have a meal that does not contain meat! Well their menu changed my mind, I thought it would be the usual pasta or salads with meat substitute I was so wrong! Varied choices, meals and dessert well priced.

The food is amazing, the staff are so friendly, they have a record shop in there and the rich atmosphere is so warm and welcoming. It’s family friendly and just an all round brilliant place to be.

Location: 37 Pink Lane, Newcastle City Centre, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 5DW



2. Dosa Kitchen

Dosa Kitchen
Dosa Kitchen aim to bring delicious, traditional South Indian food to Newcastle. They do serve meat dishes but they also offer a wide variety of vegetarian options.

Here is just a selection of the comments we had from voters of Dosa Kitchen:


Most of the vegetarian items are naturally vegan and gluten free. The food is so authentic and tasty. Great service and pleasant atmosphere. The flavours of the Sunday SAPPAD (array of dishes to taste and ask for more helpings as much as you like) are amazing. 95% of the dishes in vegetable SAPPAD are vegan and with prior notice the chef is happy to prepare 100% dishes as vegan SAPPAD. A must visit place and I will be returning.

Serves authentic South Indian vegetarian dishes and caters to specific requests like skipping onions in some of the dishes. The food is always piping hot and yummy!

Simply amazing. Probably the best authentic South Indian restaurant in the UK. The chefs are top professionals and the food tastes amazing.

Tasty authentic food. Good value. Nothing else like it.

Location: Dosa [email protected] Beacon, The Beacon, Westgate Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE4 9PQ

3. Sky Apple Café

Sky Apple Cafe - Vegetarian Restaurants Newcastle
Sky Apple Café opened in 2002 in the heart of Heaton on Heaton Road. They are independently owned and operated, specialising in vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free cuisine.

They are open for breakfast and act as a relaxed cafe during the day before turning into a more intimate restaurant venue on the night, booking is advised.

Below are some of the comments from voters of Sky Apple Café:

Inventive, ever-changing seasonal menus that push the boundaries of vegetarian cuisine. Chef Andy Young trained as a chemist and this clearly shows in the skillful, well-executed meals. Also next door is a veggie/vegan deli A Little Piece of Sky for food to go.

Fantastic vegetarian food. Great choice with menu changing regularly. One of the best restaurants in the North East nevermind best vegetarian.

This is a totally vegetarian restaurant and cafe which serves innovative and delicious food. They also have a good variety of gluten free options and will vary others if possible. Delicious food!

Location: 182 Heaton Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear NE6 5HP

4. Painted Elephant

Super Natural

Painted Elephant at Super Natural. Photo courtesy of cannyfood.co.uk

Painted Elephant is owned and run by a young couple with a passion for vegan food and the food on offer is 100% vegan. Dishes are seasonal so the menu changes regularly and as many ingredients as possible are sourced from the local area.

Below are some of the comments from voters of Painted Elephant:

Really good quality vegan good. Tastes amazing and looks stunning. They also do theme nights which are exciting.

Great tasting food. Lovely atmosphere. Reasonable price and friendly staff.

Every time I go there it’s just incredible!! Tasty vegan food, excellent service from knowledgeable staff who really care.

Location: Painted Elephant @ Super Natural, Grainger Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 5JE

5. Super Natural

Super Natural

Photo courtesy of cannyfood.co.uk

Super Natural is a relatively new cafe in Newcastle, resurrecting the site of Newcastle’s first vegetarian restaurant in the 1970’s Supernatural.

The food is all made from scratch with a regularly changing menu dishes include curries, veggie breakfasts and pizza’s (create your own).

Below are some of the comments from voters of Super Natural:

This restaurant has by far exceeded my expectations, the atmosphere is warm and cosy and the staff are lively and welcoming. I only eat here now when I’m in town so I’m there quite a lot. I love the fact they do take away too, it’s very convenient and the food is delicious they have a big range of choices to suit even the most picky eater.

I’ve been looking everywhere for vegetarian fish and chip, and it actually tastes like fish. Also, who can complain about a salad bar?! Great food, friendly laid back atmosphere.

The food is delicious, the staff are friendly and there are many vegan options.

Location: Grainger Street, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 5JE

6. Ury Restaurant

Ury Restaurant
Ury Restaurant, formerly Rasa, is an Indian restaurant serving traditional Kerala dishes. Much like Dosa Kitchen Ury offer meat dishes however, they also have an extensive vegetarian menu.

Here is just a selection of the comments we had from voters of Ury:


They are very friendly with their service and offer authentic Kerala vegetarian food. Ury Newcastle serve very healthy dishes, using less oil, they have lots of selection in the vegetarian section. Food that brings the memories of my mum. So I love Ury Newcastle.

Best place to fill in your stomach when your hungry (Kerala veg banquet). This place is filled with Indian essence and for anyone who is homesick and wants a bit of India they should visit this place. Am very thankful for having found this restaurant. Very hygienic food, people who are on a healthy diet like me should definitely eat here, you wouldn’t get fat. The food is cooked with very little oil.

Its the best South Indian restaurant in the North. They do vegan banquets and special meals, and attentive staff look after everyone.

Location: 27 Queen St, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 3UG

7. Tea Sutra

Tea Sutra - Vegetarian Restaurants Newcastle
Tea Sutra, as the name would suggest, sell speciality teas from all over the globe from their tea house on Leazes Park Road in Newcastle. They also serve an appetizing range of hot food and wraps – all vegetarian or vegan – along with lovely cakes.

Here is just a selection of the comments we had from voters of Tea Sutra:


Simple yet very tasteful and fabulous vegetarian dishes well above all other veggie places in the region.

Great variety of food and teas! Atmosphere is great and wonderful, friendly, informative staff.

Every time I go there it’s just incredible! Tasty vegan food, excellent service from knowledgeable staff who really care.

Location: Tea Sutra, 1st Floor 2 Leazes Park Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 4PF

8. Scrumpy Willow and the Singing Kettle

Scrumpy Willow and the Singing Kettle - Vegetarian Restaurants Newcastle
Scrumpy Willow is a boutique vegetarian restaurant by night and a cafe by day, set in the heart of Newcastle. They use only locally sourced produce from farmers who care for the environment and only organic, fair trade coffee.

Everything is made from scratch on site, including the bread which is made by hand every morning.

Here is a selection of comments from voters of Scrumpy Willow and the Singing Kettle:

Because they have a fantastic range of cuisines from Indian Dhaal to more British fare. The building is so quaint and unusual that it’s very cosy, especially in winter. They make their own cakes and usually have a good selection.

The freshness and quality of the food, delicious! It is very friendly and welcoming, my favourite place to eat.

Location: 89 Clayton St, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear NE1 5PZ

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the owners of The Bohemian on winning the 2016 LoveNE award for Best Vegetarian Restaurant in Newcastle. We would also like to thank everybody who took the time to cast their vote, we were blown away by the number of votes we received.


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